The Pennsbury Educational Support Professionals Association

Welcome to Pennsbury ESPA

More than four out of every 10 public school employees are education support professionals (ESP’s) who work together with teachers and administrators to help ensure the basic right of every child to attend great public schools. We help Pennsbury students learn. We keep Pennsbury students safe and healthy.

We make Pennsbury schools run smoothly. We are committed and active in the Pennsbury School District. We know Pennsbury’s students, their families, our neighbors and our communities. We listen to students when they need someone to care. Working hand and hand with teachers and administrators as an essential part of the Pennsbury Community.


We are PESPA

Paraprofessionals – Aides -Clerical Services – Health Services – Custodial and Maintenance Services – Transportation Services, Security and Technical Services.


PESPA Breaking News

Impact of the Janus Decision

With the passing of the Janus legislation, changes are upon us.  We need to focus on the strength in our membership and stay on top of our game. 

There will be others who will try to persuade members by giving them false information about union membership.  Beware!  Remember, our Association is only as strong as the members who belong. 

We are all needed to effectively negotiate our salaries, benefits and working conditions. Our “fair share” non-members were mailed information in July.  If you have any questions please be sure to contact Steve Lowden, PESPA Vice President, at 267-797-7169.


Meetings this year will be held virtually via Zoom for the start of the school year.
Check back for more information.


The average fulltime
ESP salary in Pennsylvania is 20% higher or $5,293 more than in
Right To Work States with low Union membership.